Vinn en Plupp

10.04.2013 08:22

Ouch...woke up to snow AGAIN!  Therese no end of winter here in Sweden and im so sick of it!

At the same time snow falls slowly from the sky, the sun seems to fight back and shes seems to manage come thru..

I have an idea....if u go to the link here on my blogg, "free patterns" u find a pattern of a boob-beanie.

Why not knitt a lot of them, both to newborn, kids and adults, and then sell them for the benefit of breastcancer?

What do u think? Wanna join me?

Do u want this one? The little tiny "Plupp"?

Please search for my fb-site "stickåvirk" and like the page, and u have a chanse to win her:) Heres the link