So...Im on again:) Sending out some Owls to explore the world...

Yesterday thoose Owls left a cold, windy and snowy Sweden for some adventure in the big big world....
This tiny RetroOwl went to Alabama, US...........And this PinkOwl went to a lady in Virginia.....and missy RedOwl flew away to Indiana....



Crochet bike seat journey around The Netherlands, part tree, May 2013

Its alive, its alive! ;) The little crochet biker cover is on a bike-holiday somewhere in The Neterlands....

I recieved this picture a few days ago. and im proud the temporary owner is this little adorable girl!


You go! Little bike cover! Enjoy ur holiday and be nice to this beautiful girl!

See u soon again, if we all keep our fingers crossed!






Crochet bike seat journey, part two....2013-04-24

Today the crochet bike seat arrived to The Netherlands and this wonderful lady Carole Teuwisse. She volountered to be the seats first owner.

I didnt know Carole at all. It felt important to me, to send the bike seat away to a stranger. Carole is a member in a crochet crew on facebook, and now I think I have found a new friend in Holland....:)

Now the adventure can begin:) Fingers crossed guys!


I did also put a little present for Carole in the package:) One of my little crochet "Plupps"


crochet saddle journey.... Part one.....


So...the day has come for my crochet bike cover to leave the peaceful Sweden....The Netherlands and the lovely woman Carole is the first owner. Say hello to all beautiful tulips! And Carole, theres a gift for you in the package too:)

Happy flying!

I´ve got so much response on this projekt, that i have decided to crochet another one. This time im sending it to Honkong. A sweet lady there offered to be the saddles first owner. Now, lets now keep our fingers crossed that this little project will turn out well.

Bye bye little buddy!